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Good quality Silicone Kitchen Brush for sales
Good quality Silicone Kitchen Brush for sales
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QC Profile

1 Supply Chain System

Incoming Quality Control Procedure (IQC)

To ensure that the quality of incoming materials meet the product quality requirements, to prevent unauthorized inspection or inspection of substandard materials into production, in order to avoid thematerial causing quality problems in production.

Materials Involved
It includes production materials, package materials, exemption materials.

The IQC inspector is in charge of the inspection, recording the result and judging.

We use MIL-STD-105E standard, AQL major defects 1:0, minor defects 1.5.

After Inspection
The IQC inspector will label IQC Qualified on the accepted material. If the material is not acceptable, the staff will report to QC department manager and factory manage. If because of urgent production or other special reasons, the staff will label Accept on Deviation and report
the quantity to purchasing department. The IQC unqualified material will be labeled Unaccepted and returned to suppliers

Shenzhen ZD Technology Co., Ltd.


2 Production Management Syste

To provide good quality products, we set up R&Ddepartment, staff training system, clear flow chartsand a lot of advanced machinery and equipment

Staff Training Control Procedures

After a new worker is recruited, complete trainings will be provided before he starts working, to make sure he gets enough knowledge of the job and understands all the procedures. The production flow charts and documents are clear for every worker to conduct.
Purposes of Employee Training
Specify each quality related position’s ability requirements and provide trainings for staff to meet the specified requirements.

New Employee Training Content
Company Basic Education: including company profile, employee discipline, quality policy and quality objectives, quality, safety and environmental awareness, relevant laws and regulations, quality management system standards and other basic knowledge training. Within one month of entry into the company, it will be organized by the Department of Administration.

Job Skills Training: Study the national product standards, company’s standards, process and procedures, the performance of the equipment used, the steps of operation, the safety precautions and contingency measures, etc. It will be organized by the technical manager. The staff needs to pass the assessment before start working.


3 QC System

The quality control includes inspection on work-in-process and finished products. We make sure every product is checked and tested carefully to meet international standard.

To control and deal with the unqualified incoming products and finished products, to ensure company's product quality to meet the requirements.

Applicable Scope

This procedure applies to control all the materials, work-in-process products, and finished products.

Departments Involved

Technical department, production workshop, and warehouse.


Unqualified Finished Product Control

The Way to Deal with Unqualified Finished Products Found by QC Staff
If a few unqualified finished products are found by QC staff, the staff will fill the “Bad Product Processing Form" to inform the workshop to repair it. After repairing, the QC staff will check it again and qualified products will be put into the warehouse with other goods; If a whole batch is unqualified, the QC staff will fill the “Bad Product Processing Form" to inform the workshop to reproduce it.

The Way to Deal with Unqualified Products Found in Customer Inspection
If the unqualified product found by the customer inspection, the sales department will send “Unqualified Inspection Report Form “ to the technical department with the unqualified sample (customer provided). Technical department staff will analyze, prepare the analysis report, and put forward corrective and preventive measures. 

The workshop performs corrective actions and arranges rework.
After the implementation of rework, the quality will be inspected by QC staff and by the customer inspection. If it does not pass customer ‘s inspection, it will be qualified for disposal. The Way to Deal with Unqualified Products Returned by Customers The technical quality department analyzes according to the unqualified samples and provides the corresponding corrective and preventive measures in the " Unqualified inspection report form " issued by the sales department. The returned goods can be reworked by the workshop which will organize full inspection, sorting and statistics, and then send statistical reports and unqualified samples together to the technical department. After reworking, the goods without inspection will not be sent into the warehouse. For those goods not able to rework, the factory will re-produce replenishment.


4 Package System

1. No matter what package you need, in shrink wrap, roll, box, poly bag, blister, PP woven bag, or pallet, we have experience to handle all of them.

2. Each box and carton has a label. If a customer needs special format or size, the staff will handle it, too. 

3. On the label, it has the product model, batch number, quantity, the implementation of standard number, date of production and other signs.

4. The box should be able to ensure it under normal conditions of transport and storage, and the product will not be damaged by shock, handling, moisture or dust.


5 Warehouse Management System

The warehouse management work procedure is to make sure the materials and products kept in warehouse are under good conditions and maintenance.


Warehouse Management Work Procedure
1. Warehousing Procedures
All products and materials must be checked or verified by quality department before they can be stored. According to the inspection records, the warehouse staff fills in the “Storage Form" to receive material storage. Different materials should be stored according to the provisions of the location.
2. Warehouse Material Storage Control
The warehouse should be kept ventilated and dry, and there should be rain, moisture, fire resistant measures. Warehouse materials should be placed neatly, clean and tidy (no dust, no garbage, no debris). Warehouse material’s label content should be complete, clear and correct to facilitate the inventory check and easy to be found. Warehouse materials found in failure, deterioration or damage should be scrapped in time and cleared from the warehouse.

3. Out-Stock Procedures
Materials should be strictly checked. Procedures must be signed by the authorized person. The out-stock of finished goods must be done with the sales department’s Delivery Form.
4. Inventory of Stock
On the 30th of each month, the staff checks the inventory in the warehouse and collates the relevant documents. The problem found in warehouse inventory must be identified, and promptly reported to the management team for help.


6 System of Inspection before Leaving Factory

Before sending products to customers, we follow standards of handling, storage, packaging, protection and marking to make sure the products in good condition.

1. Handling
A. Use trolleys and forklifts to send finished goods into warehouse;
B. Use cargo, railway transport, shipping, or air transport to deliver goods to customers;
C. If offshore delivery, there should be rain-proof, anti-fall, anti-pressure, and anti-collision measures.
2. Delivery
According to the “Warehouse Management Policy", warehouse staff follows export procedures to ensure the quality of the
delivery process. Sales staff checks the products in accordance with the requirements of the contract before delivery. At the same time the staff needs to estimate the problems on the way of delivery and takes protective measures. In the transport process, we must always check the quality of the products. As long as there is an issue that may have impact on quality, we need to deal with it immediately, so as not to damage the product. In the course of transport, if due to accident that causes the quality of the goods affected, the staff should immediately report to the management team, to ensure the goods that are delivered to customers meeting the requirements. When the product reaches the destination, it must be signed by the receiver. If the customer requests to provide product quality certificate or quality system certification, we should try to meet customer requirements.


7 After-Sales Service System

We have a standard procedure to handle customer’s complaints after-sales.

1. When the customer informs the salesperson of the quality issue, the salesperson must respond within 1 working day and submit the “Defective Product Processing Sheet” to the factory merchandiser, and the merchandiser reports to the technical department.
2. The technical department analyses the cause, determines the way to deal with it, and gives feedback to the sales staff. 

3. The sales department makes a decision to repair, rework, return, refund, etc. to the customer.


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