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Shenzhen Bangpei Necessities Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Bangpei Necessities Co., Ltd.
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: North America
South America
Western Europe
Southeast Asia
Brands: bober
No. of Employees: 20~100
Annual Sales: 1000000-5000000
Year Established: 2011
Export p.c: 80% - 90%
About Us

Company Profile
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1. Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
We are 14 years manufacturer, specializing in producing all kinds of silicone daily items like kitchen products, baby products, and outdoor products.
2. How many machines does your factory have?
We have 16 machines, a plate-leveling machine weight 200 tons, a vaccumizer weight 250 tons, 12 vulcanizing machines weight 300 tons each, a monolithic silica gel machine, and a set of automatic liquid silicone infusions machines.
3. Can we make a mixed order?
Yes, you can make mix order under our MOQ.


4. Do you accept OEM/ODM orders? Yes, we accept OEM/ODM orders, free packaging design, and 3D drawing according to your requirements. 5.What is the lead time? Sample needs 1-3 days, mass production needs 1-2 weeks, depending on the quantity.


6.How much is the sample cost? Usually our existing sample for free, but the freight would be undertaken by your side.


7.Can we put our logo on the products and custom label on the packing? Yes, we can do custom branding, labeling, and packaging.


8.How to solve the quality problem after sales? 

Kindly take photos/video of the problem for our evaluation, we would send you replacements or give you a refund. Generally, this problem is rare, as every product will be inspected before shipping. 


Our company was founded in Shenzhen, specializing in the production of high-quality silicone household products. The team, composed of like-minded entrepreneurs, saw the vast potential of silicone in the kitchenware industry and decided to take the plunge.

2011-2012: Product development and market feedback

In the initial stages, we focused on product development. The team members continuously experimented and innovated, combining the advantages of silicone with the needs of kitchenware, and developed a series of innovative silicone kitchen utensils. With the launch of these products, we received positive feedback from consumers, indicating a growing acceptance and appreciation of silicone kitchenware.

2013-2015: Business expansion and brand development

As the popularity of our products continued to grow, we began to expand our business scope and bring our silicone household products to a broader market. We added product lines, expanded production capacity, and strengthened brand building and marketing. Our brand gradually gained a high reputation and influence in the market, becoming a beloved silicone household products brand for consumers.

2016-2019: Technology innovation and product upgrades

With the rapid development of technology and consumers' pursuit of higher-quality living, we realized the need for continuous technological innovation and product upgrades. In this phase, we increased research and development efforts, investing more resources in product innovation and improvement. We successfully developed a series of silicone household products with independent intellectual property rights, receiving multiple patents. Meanwhile, we also introduced advanced production equipment and technologies to improve production efficiency and product quality.

2020-present: Sustained innovation and global development

After years of development, our company has become an influential silicone household products supplier in the industry. Our products cover multiple areas such as kitchenware, personal care, baby care, and more. Additionally, we have established a comprehensive sales network and after-sales service system to provide comprehensive service support for consumers.

In the future, we will continue to uphold the principles of innovation, professionalism, and integrity, aiming to provide higher-quality and more environmentally friendly silicone household products. We will continue to increase R&D investment, explore new application fields and market opportunities, to achieve sustainable company development and industry prosperity. Furthermore, we will actively expand into international markets to promote global development of silicone household products.


We have been in silicone products for 12 years
We are famous for superior quality, competitive price, first-class craftworks, and prompt delivery.China Shenzhen Bangpei Necessities Co., Ltd. company profile 0

Our Team

Our team consists of passionate and innovative professionals with extensive experience in the silicone industry and unique insights into the design and production of household products. Our team members include:

Founder and CEO: With 20 years of industry experience, he is an entrepreneur with a strong track record in strategic planning and project management. His deep understanding of silicone materials and its application fields, enables him to identify and capitalize on market trends.

Product designers: They are experts in the field of design with years of experience in creating innovative silicone household products. They focus on integrating consumer needs and expectations into product designs, creating functional yet fashionable items.

Production engineers: With extensive production experience and technical expertise, they are responsible for ensuring product quality and efficient production. They strive to continuously improve the production process, reducing environmental impact.

Marketing professionals: They are responsible for brand promotion and sales with in-depth market insight and strong customer service orientation. They focus on building strong relationships with consumers and providing comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service.

Technology researchers and developers: With their deep technical knowledge and expertise, they are responsible for product research and development, as well as innovation. They focus on exploring new technological trends and application fields to develop competitive silicone household products.

Our team members possess professional knowledge and skills in their respective fields and work together to achieve the company's vision and goals. With their support, we believe that our company will continue to provide high-quality and innovative silicone household products that meet consumer needs.

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